Things Women Do That Drives Men Away


There are things women do that drives men away from them. They do unconsciously, and some men will not tell the lady about it, but leave. 

Here are things women do that drives men away:

  1. Not giving enough space:  Some women like clinging on their partner mostly because they feel their partner will start an interaction with the opposite sex. Some men also abuse the word ‘I need some space’ to ensure they can do whatever pleases them with the opposite sex while not giving up on what they already have. While some men only need space to be by themselves or to be with friends. Jealous and possessive women are known for deliberately attempting to prevent a man from having any privacy. 

Pretending to be sweet when they are not: 

2. Some women act so sweet and loving during dating and change when they know they have got you. ‘women dresses sexy when they were still dating, now, she loses herself’. ‘she watches her weight when we were still dating, now, she doesn’t care’. ‘she cooks when we were dating, now, she doesn’t’. Men shouldn’t expect a perfect woman or a superwoman who does everything without mistake. But women shouldn’t start what they know they cannot maintain doing. When a woman changes, men feel they don’t know what to believe anymore about the woman he thought he knew. 

  1. Too much wants:  Some men say women are unrealistic in their expectations and want too much. For some women, having a good man isn’t just ok. They want to have everything trending on social media. When they don’t have these things, they complain as though life isn’t fair. It is fine to have goals and some luxuries, but leaving the expenses on the man is frustrating. 
  1. Not being specific about what they want: Women expect me always to read their mind. Most men aren’t good at thought reading. Some women don’t express themselves openly, making it a puzzle for the man to figure out. Women seem to use voice inflexion and body language to communicate what they mean. And most times, the actual words convey the opposite of the body language. Because the man couldn’t figure out what was wrong, the woman believes the man is just stubborn and self-centred. On the other side, the man is thinking she’s nagging him for no reason. 
  1. The three B’s of sex: Sex is important, but, it will be nice if it doesn’t play such a significant role in relationships. The sex issues for men boils down to the three Bs, which are bad sex, boring sex and boudoir battle. 
  • Bad sex: Some are good at sex, while some are specialists. But, everyone has an impression of what they call good sex. Some complaints are; poor technique, lack of interest, lack of rhythm, and no creativity. If a relationship has sexual dysfunction, it should be something that they should discuss openly. 
  • Boring sex: Boring sex is always doing it in the same place, at the same, and in the same old position. Boring sex occurs when there is no spice or passion for having sex. 
  • Boudoir battle: Using sex as a weapon makes a man angry. It can be not being able to feel or cuddle, refusal to do certain things in bed, etc. When a lady is upset, a man shouldn’t expect crazy and passionate sex. 
  1. Frequently talking about other men: Men don’t like to hear women always talking about other men. Men want to feel unique and vital to the woman in his life.  (drives men away)
  1. Being a drama queen: Picking up quarrels at everything is wrong. She is always nagging about something. They put all kinds of tricks to get and control a man’s attention. 
  1. Being hard and cold: Hard and cold behaviour is enough to drive a man away. Some women don’t recognize their man at home. They act like he’s never in the house. 
  1. Cheating: Women are also subject to dishonest and deceit as any man. There are two forms of cheating. One is the apparent form which involves having an affair, and the mental type, which is the subtle art of getting over on him. Her body might be faithful, but she may be playing manipulative games to keep him within her control. It robs the man of the energy and creativity to real Genuine Ways To Know Your Woman Has Other Guysze his full potential. 
  1. Engaging in a power struggle:  It irritates men when women always want to prove that they are smart, tough and independent. Some women struggle to power in who makes more money, who has the most advanced degree?. Engaging in a power struggle is a quick way to drive a man away.

In conclusion, men are not perfect, and cannot find a perfect woman. Be your true self and always try not to oppress your partner.

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