Things men do that make them more attractive

Things men do that make them more attractive

There are (attractive) men that once they walk into a place; every lady begins to act like leaves that are about to fall off a tree branch lol.

Here are some of those things that have made you go head over heels for a complete stranger.


Okay, let’s play with our imagination a bit. Imagine a man walks into a place, let’s say a bar, and he smiles at the bartender, greets them politely and cordially places his order. Then he puts one hand on the counter, sitting sideways and turns around slowly to take a quick look and appreciate the ambience of the bar while having a brief smile on his face. I know your heart is beating fast as you are imagining this… lol  *side eye*


You know that saying “ the best perfume to wear is your confidence”. Yup! That is in fact very true and this goes both ways. 

A confident man carries some type of charm that you’ll just be wondering like “ ah ah, sir let your shoulder pad come dan small nah”. 

Okay, lets start the imagination game because I know you liked the first one. Imagine you’re at work and there’s this bobo that’s smart and confident there. So you guys have a PowerPoint presentation and he’s the one representing the company. He gets to the front of the conference room, unknots his suit jacket, puts one hand in the pocket of his trousers and begins to speak confidently. The presentation was awesome and after he’s done, he goes “ if we do this, our competitors won’t get a chance of penetrating the market in the next 6 months” then he knots his suit jacket back with a cute smile. (so attractive)

Trust me, if you like squeeze face, you’ll want to at least go and shake his hands only to find out that the hand is now soft… yeee!!! 


Dear brethren, it is one thing for a man to be fine and it is another thing for a man to be fine and intelligent. That’s when you say “ beauty with brains” ha-ha

When a man is intelligent, it shows in his behavior, the way he composes his speech, how he listens to understand before opening his fine lips to voice an intelligent opinion *winks* 


Let’s start by rephrasing the confidence quote “ the best confidence to wear is your perfume” amen to this sister. 

Just imagine a man with charisma, confidence, and intelligence that now smells good!!!! Don’t you just want to scream??!!! Cause I want to pull down this roof ‘yes lord!!!’ nothing beats a man that smells good, even if you don’t have sense, if you smell good, I can excuse your stupidity lmao… 

A man that smells good is a yes for me. I cant say more *drops mic* 

Shakara man: a lot of you would want to disagree but I’ll shock you. A man that likes to do shakara is no doubt very attractive. Do you know how a lady behaves when a guy likes her? Imagine a guy does the same lol I can just imagine some macho man doing shakara for me *rotf*

Anyway, it’s sexy for a man to make a little serenren here and there, he should not sha overdo it because… 

I hope you’re not waiting for me to complete that statement because that’s where it ended… Lol

Although there are a lot of other things that makes a man more attractive to women, I’ve listed just a few. Please let me know what attracts you to a man in the comment section, wow me! Amaze me with those things that make you look at a man and your heart skips a beat, no matter how weird it is, i’d love to read and laugh too. 

Lol… Okay bye.

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