16 Ways a Real Man Treats His Woman

Below are some facts you need to have in mind when looking for a real man:

1 He loves her for no reason and makes sacrifices just to make her feel happy and secured.

2 He brags and speaks well of her publicly including to his family members.

3 He tries all possible means to build her up with positivity and help bring out the best in her rather than ruin her life.

4 He pays more attention to her strength and always interested to help her overcome some of her weaknesses.

5 His priority is in her character and not merely her shape/appearance.

6 He does all possibly best not to lust after other women, he maintains his loyalty and he’s committed to her.

7 He tries not to keep secrets from her but shares all the necessary information with her.

8 He controls his anger no matter how upset he is with her. He acts mature and be a man of her life in all things.

9 He is bold, proud and never shy to introduce her to his mates, friends and family.

10 He is eager to make a lifetime dedication to her. Making her the mother of his children is his goal and never to delay her.

11 He dedicates to her his heart and supports her financially, emotionally and gives whatever is within his reach as a gift.

12 He does not apply much pressure on her for sexual intimacy, he knows that it will be a lifetime enjoyment after their marriage.

13 He is not prudent with his apologies whenever he is wrong. He will publicly declare “I am sorry”.

14 He leads with example when the need for reconciliation arises because he knows that leadership requires taking responsibility for anything that may cause problems to their relationship.

15 He is always there for her in good times or tough times.

16 He is kind, gentle, tender and caring to her.

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